Signature Enzyme Hand Treatment 
A seasonal exfoliating scrub is applied to dampened hands and arms and removed with steamed towels. An Enzyme Concentrate Vitamin Protein Complex is massaged into skin and hands are placed into warm mitts for added relaxation and product absorption.  Followed by a warm Lavender massage. $25

Peppermint Glycolic Foot Treatment 
A Peppermint Glycolic Exfoliating Lotion and Tri-Crystal Microderm Scrub is applied to dampened skin and exfoliated using small, circular motions.  After removing booties, residual crystals are removed with steamed towels and a dry brush.  Followed by a warm Rosemary Mint massage. $25







Brown Sugar and Honey Lip Plumping Treatment 
Lip area is gently massaged with a Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Scrub and removed with warm compresses. Followed by a Hydrating Moisture Mask and finished with a lip balm that soothes and rejuvenates dry, chapped, and weathered lips. Key ingredients include Metadermabolic Enzyme Complex, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera. $15

Tired Eyes Instalift 
Instalift Eye Serum is massaged into area around the eyes.  Immediately makes the skin appear more firm for approximately 24-48 hours. $20

Vitamin C Eye Brightener 
Vitamin C Complex and Enzyme Concentrate Vitamin Protein Complex or "liquid gold" are massaged into area around the eyes.  Helps to boost collagen production and reduce dark circles. $20

Special Note:
A refreshing Aloe Vera Mask is applied with each eye treatment to help relieve dry, puffy eyes

Additional Services
Seasons A La Minute Massage and "30 Minute Make-Over" featuring FACE atelier makeup.