The Epicuren Discovery

Epicuren is in a class all its own.  Like technology and research, Epicuren Discovery is ever changing and evolving.  They offer pure, innovative skin care using the most luxurious, natural ingredients available.  Epicuren's mission is to enhance the customer's well being and personal evolution.  Their philosophy is made possible through an approach to never remain married to any one specific manufacturing or ingredient technology. 

The fundamental science behind the Epicuren Discovery enzyme technology is derived from pharmaceutical enzyme research performed over 30 years ago on severely scarred burn victims.  After observing the results achieved on traumatized skin through this enzyme technology, Epicuren realized its potential for achieving and maintaining healthy skin.  They took the core theory behind its success and created the Metadermabolic Enzyme Protein Complex or "Liquid Gold.” 

Throughout our lives, the inside of our mouths never show signs of aging.  This is made possible because of a unique protein enzyme solution found in the cheek's lining.  This enzyme solution allows the mouth to heal rapidly when damaged and to resist the effects of aging.  When microscopically analyzed, scientists discovered these enzymes offered a natural and constant cellular regeneration:  the ageless skin cell. 

Epicuren's products work together to create this same ageless environment on the skin's surface, resulting in a profound aesthetic improvement.  When applied to the skin, the Metadermabolic Enzyme provides the bio-available nutrients necessary to support positive skin health and stimulate constructive regeneration.  As cell division occurs in this healthy state, new cells embody these healthy characteristics; actively changing the domino effect and, ultimately, the skin's "memory." 

Epicuren treatments and products offer a highly intense and effective path to aesthetic improvements, achieving dramatic results.  Whether your focus is prevention, fine lines, acne, age spots, sensitivity, or healthy skin maintenance, Epicuren has a system specifically designed to help you achieve each of your specific skin care goals.  Your complexion will glow with a cleaner, healthier radiance of more youthful skin. 

I welcome you to experience the treatments and products that will change the way you feel about skin care, exclusively at Seasons Spa Boutique!

Tammy Oxenrider
Owner and Esthetician