When you feel relaxed and renewed inside, you want to capture that inner glow with a simple, refreshing outer glow…which is why I am exclusively offering the most-requested products by FACE atelier.

A sophisticated, versatile makeup created by successful business woman Debbie Bondar, FACE atelier believes that a woman’s individual beauty is one of her strongest assets, and we should always put our best face forward! This is why I encourage you to experience FACE atelier after your services.

Below, you’ll discover a sampling of products for your perusal. Even more are offered at my Spa Boutique!

Ultra Foundation – The heart and soul of FACE atelier - An innovative approach to foundation that allows you to be in control.  Ultra Foundation is a silicone-based emulsion that floats on top of skin, doesn't crease or flake, and lasts all day.  Hydrating yet oil-free, it obscures tiny lines and pores to ensure a smooth finish.  Ultra Foundations's top secret formulation creates an optical blurring effect that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and gives the illusion of a smoother, more uniform  and naturally  dewey finish. 

In addition, only FACE atelier allows you to infinitely adjust  your foundation shade.  Add a drop of Zero Plus to go a shade darker, or a splash of Zero Minus to lighten.

Transforming Gel – SIMPLY MIRACULOUS.  And miraculously simple to use.  Only FACE atelier has a gel that magically transforms any color that sets and makes a lasting impression.

Facade – An ingenious alternative for face and lips, Façade is a one-of-a-kind, silicone-based, gel-to-powder formula providing translucent, non-streaking, crease-free matte color that preserves Ultra Foundation’s “dewy finish.” Oil free, fragrance free, flavor free, non-comedogenic and vegan.

Ultra Bronzer -Ultra Bronzers represent the perfect marriage of performance and technology. They feature sophisticated formulation that uses pure, micronized pigments surrounded by silicones, which create a cushion between the powder and the skin. This ensures a longer-lasting product that floats on the skin, no longer emphasizing fine lines and wrinkles. Silky soft, they are the perfect complement to Ultra Foundation. Moisture, heat and sebum resistant.

Lip Putty – Fine lines belong in poetry, not lips!  Used under lipstick, velvety Lip Putty fills in those pesky fine lines in and around the lips, eliminating color bleeding, blurring and blotching.  At the same time, Lip Putty moisturizes and hydrates the lips because of its singular combination of essential oils and vitamins.  And it also provides organic ultra violet protection.  Naturally.

Finish your perfect lip look by choosing from a selection of high-performing, long-lasting and hydrating Lipsticks. Or, choose a Lip Glaze that offers a moisturizing, high-shine effect without that sticky feeling. Each available in a variety of your favorite colors!

Eye Shadow and Shimmer – A unique micronized formula allows these eye shadows to blend beautifully with a flawless finish. Richly pigmented, the shadows are creaseless and long-lasting. Choose from an array of alluring shades! Color your eye in ways you never dreamed using these ultra-fine, perfectly pigmented loose Shimmers. Our highly pigmented Shimmers won't flake, are non-creasing and long lasting. A little Shimmer goes a long way - apply sparingly for a subtle wash of color, or apply more for a dazzling display. 

Special Note:
Consider scheduling a complimentary "10 Minute Make-Over" featuring FACE atelier makeup after your services. 
"because looking good is the best revenge!"
(Please request your make-over when booking your appointment, to allow time for you to truly appreciate the products.)